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Advertising on the Capistrano Unified Educators Website and/or other means of communication do not necessarily reflect the views of CUEA or imply an endorsement by CUEA leadership or it's members nor does CUEA retain any responsibility for any positive or negative experiences that may occur as a result of using the services of any advertised vendor.

Companies using the CUEA webspace and other related communication materials, both electronic and hard copy, do so at their own expense and for their own benefit. All revenues received by CUEA for advertising space go entirely into the CUEA College Scholarship Program for member children.

Reasonable efforts will be made by CUEA to display ads that are relative to the educational community.

Web Ad Agreement

To begin with your ad on the CUEA website, please download a copy of the this contract and return it to CUEA Offices by email, preferably.

Web Ad Specifications

All of the specifications needed to plan your ad for use on CUEA electronic communications.

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