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Conference Training Request Form

Submit this form prior to attending any CUEA or CTA conference.

Member Expense Statement

Use when claiming reimbursement for any CUEA or CTA conferences that you attend. Use in addition to the CUEA Expense Voucher.

CUEA Check Voucher Form

Use to claim any reimbursements from CUEA including all conferences.

CUEA Future Educator Scholarship Application

Scholarship provided annually by CUEA for students considering entering the teaching profession.

CUEA Retired Future Teacher Scholarship Application

Provided on an occasional basis to CUSD students who have entered their teaching graduate program.


CUSD Mileage Report Form

Submit this form to the District when requesting mileage reimbursement District business.

CUSD Mileage Chart

A grid of mileages from any District site to another.

CUSD Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Request

Use this form to request a withdrawal of Sick Leave Bank Days

CUSD Sick Leave Bank Deposit Form

Use this form to DEPOSIT Sick Days to the Sick Leave Bank


Gift Card Online Report Form

For any CUEA Representative that hands out a CUEA Gift Card. Report the Gift Card on this form.

10 Minute Meeting Reporting Form

Submit this form after any 10 minute meeting at your site

HOPE Expense Voucher

Use this form to request funds from the HOPE Political Action Account

HOPE Opt-Out Form

Use this form if the member wishes to opt out of allocating a portion of their dues to the HOPE Political Action Fund. Money would remain in the general account for CUEA.

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