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Retirement Issues

New Retirement Legislation
Career Bonus Amounts

Career Bonus*

Any teacher who will have taught 30 or more years by January 1, 2011 will qualify for an additional cash supplement to his or her retirement income as follows:

30 years of service: $200 per month
31 years of service: $300 per month
32 or more years of service: $400 per month

This will be payable for life, as an addition to the regular pension. This allowance will increase by the current STRS COLA.

* This is in addition to the 0.2% career factor, up to a maximum age factor of 2.4% currently on the books.

Most decisions on education policy and funding are made in Sacramento by legislators, the Governor and bureaucrats. Without a strong, forceful advocate working on teachers' behalf in Sacramento, policymakers would ignore our voice, our expertise and our practical experience. CTA employs seven full-time education advocates to track legislation, to testify at committee hearings, and work behind the scenes to ensure that our professional interests and rights are protected.
      The recent improvements in retirement legislation for all California teachers are a direct result of CTA's advocacy. The retirement package will enable teachers to retire with significantly increased benefits.
       Included in this section are the major components of this legislation. For more detailed information, log on to the CTA website, www.cta.org or the California State Teachers Retirement website, www.calstrs.com .