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Scholarship Application Information

Future Teacher Scholarship applications are now available. Applications are due by May 5, 2017. Click Here for a fill-in version of the form.



If you would like to make a general donation to the CUEA Retired Teachers Scholarship Fund, you may do so securely through our secure PayPal link below. You may donate securely using your own PayPal account or use a credit card.

Click on the "Donate" button to take you to our secure donation page.


Who We Are


The CUEA Retired Teachers Association is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization of CUEA retired educators. The Association serves the needs and interests of its members through encouraging and supporting its members' families to continue in the teaching profession.


Our Mission


The CUEA Retired Teachers scholarship committee’s mission is to provide scholarship’s to CUEA/CUSD family members that are currently accepted into a credential program.  To qualify you must be an immediate family member of an active or retired CUEA/CUSD teacher.  The committee has in the past solicited funds directly through mailers, participation in fund raising events such as wine tasting events.

This organization has been able to provide over $3000 in scholarships over the last two years.  The past fund raising activities have included a tour of LA hosted by retired teacher Bill Hoffman and a wine tasting event hosted by retired teacher Addie Carroll.  All proceeds are used to benefit those who qualify for the scholarships as determined by the scholarship committee.


Previous Fund Raising Events

Anaheim Angels Raffle - 4 premium field-level tickets at Angel Stadium.

Several Wine Tasting Events - Designed for all to enjoy and learn about new vintages of favorite wines.


Donations always accepted through our Secure PayPal server.

Previous Scholarship Winners


2016 Winners --


Shannon Skelton (CUEA Member, Elizabeth Gebert, Castille)
Courtney Roberts Clark (CUEA Member, Patricia Clark, Bathgate)
Shauna Sabet (CUEA Member, Susan Brown, Speech Pathologist)

(images unavailable)



2014 Winners Each Received A $500 Scholarship.
Also listed are their respective Capistrano Unified Education Association member parents.


Amanda Justl
(Robyn Justl - Arroyo Vista)


Jorge Sola Morilla
(Brittany Sola Petzel - Capistrano Valley High School).


CUEA Retired Teachers Association

27422 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 100

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Website Issues?

Please email webmaster@cuea.org


Disability Insurance Open Enrollment

In January the Standard Disability Insurance company will conduct an Open Enrollment for all CUEA members. Open Enrollment means that you do not need to have a physical to qualify - the disability insurance is open to anyone, even if you are pregnant or have a chronic health issue.


CUEA Endorses Lynn Hatton

CUEA and Children First has announced its support of CUSD School Board Trustee Lynn Hatton for re-election to the CUSD School Board in November of 2014. CUEA endorsed Lynn's candidacy last spring.


Bridging to Common Core

Expected to teach to the Common Core English/Language Arts Literary Standards, but have no materials? No worries! As a result of an on-going national project, classroom teachers along with experts in the field, have developed lessons for selected stories in the K-5 Open Court reading series; the 6-8 Prentice Hall(Timeless Voices)English anthologies, and a few lessons of the McDougall Littell "Language of Literature" anthologies. All lessons, available on Edmodo, provide text-dependent questions, vocabulary development, and writing tasks that are carefully aligned to the Common Core.

To access lessons follow these directions:

1. Log onto to EdModo. (it is easy to join, go to www.edmodo.com)

2. Find "Groups" on left-hand panel;click on the encircled + found next
the word "Groups" and a window will open, click on Join.

3. Join will take you to "Join Group"

Elementary use this Group Code: F4Q6NM (all caps)
Secondary use this Group Code: pkx4sp (all small case)

4. Once you have joined the group, go to folders.

5. Lessons are found in the folders listed by publisher

Elementary: find MH Open Court
Middle School: find PH Timeless Voices (last folder of the list)
High School: find ML Language of Literature


District Wants Your Input!

In order to prepare students for the type of questions they will encounter on the Smarter Balanced Assessments in the spring of 2015, CUSD is looking to purchase test item banks for teacher use. There are two companies from which to choose. Michelle Benham provided a quick overview at the CUEA office last June, but would like to include more participants in the decision-making process. Thus there will be 3 more opportunities for teachers to review the offerings from both companies. Sign up on the CUSD staff development website using the appropriate course number listed below.

Thursday, August 29 1-3 pm CUEA Office (Course ID: WS808)

Wednesday, Sept. 4 1-3 pm CUSD Board Room (Course ID: WS809)

Thursday, Sept. 12 3-5 pm CUEA Office (Course ID: WS810)

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops or tablets so to log into the demo accounts for both companies.





CUSD Standards and Units

Here are the CUSD District links to units that have been developed for Common Core standards.

Elementary Units

Middle School Units

High School Units




NEA Master Teacher Project

The National Education Association (NEA) is partnering with BetterLessons to provide members with Common Core aligned courses and instructional strategies through the NEA Master Teacher Project (NEA MTP). Learn morehere.

The NEA MTP will be working with the best teachers in the country to document and share what makes them so effective. The master teachers will share both the how (instructional strategies and classroom management procedures) and the what (complete lessons, units, and courses) behind their successful teaching.

The best ideas for the classroom come from classroom teachers, says NEA program director Bill Raabe. We want to build a free, open body of knowledge around effective curriculum and instruction for teachers, by teachers.




CUEA Represented In the National Assembly

The NEA Representative Assembly is a national meeting of teacher representatives from every state in the United States. The total representatives number around 10,000 teachers, and with their participation, determine national education policy and give direction to our education advocates in Congress. The assembly is held annually during the first week of summer - usually over the Independence Day Holiday - in a selected large city. The specific city varies from year to year with this year's assembly being held in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year, the teacher delegates began arriving in Atlanta on Sunday, June 30, occupying all of the major hotels in the central city area. Our California delegation - 1000 teachers strong, began organizing California issues in a California Caucus meeting which took place all of the day on Monday. Tuesday was the official "day off" for the California delegates, however most used the time to get the Atlanta Convention Center and register as a NEA delegate, visit the educational vendors, visit with other delegates, and familiarize themselves with the conference facilities.

The remaining days, Wednesday through Saturday, delegates will begin at 7:00 am each day with the California Caucus meeting until 9:00. Then, after a short break, they will get on a bus provided for the purpose and travel to the Convention Center for the main delegate assembly of NEA. Delegates will spend the majority of each of those days on the assembly floor or the caucus room. If CUEA has a specific issue to raise, usually this is done during caucus. The caucus will then decide California positions and who and what brings comment to the main assembly.

With 10,000 attendees at a meeting, you would think pandemonium would reign, however the assembly is run under strict meeting guidelines following standard Roberts Rules of Order. The agenda is published, motions are made, discussion is had, and votes are taken. Those wishing to speak have a procedure to speak at one of several microphones placed around the room for the purpose. Delegates are seated according to State, and within each state, local affiliates are grouped together. Our own CUEA delegates - Ezequiel Barragan, Christy Heidner (Watson), Debra Sheehan, and Mike Weinell, will be seated together in the Orange Service Center Council area of the California delegation.

Below are some images from the Assembly.

Christy Taking In Some Vendors
Vendors NEARA

NEA President Roeckel

CUEA Delegates



Schools and Local Public Safety
Protection Act

We can't afford any more cuts to schools and vital servcies! The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012 is the only initiative that takes care of the whole state, by replenishing the General Fund.

The CTA State Council of Education endorsed the initiative this weekend. Your CUEA State Council Representatives (Zeke Barragan; Joy Schnapper; Vicki Soderberg, Mike Weinell and Christy Watson)  voted to support this new initiative, which is a compromise between the original Brown tax measure and the so-called "Millionaires Tax."

The act asks the richest Californians to pay their fair share to help fund public education and vital public services, pays down the debt we owe to schools, and does not raise income taxes on the poor or middle class. This initiative guarantees that new revenue for education will be spent on schools at the local level, not administrative costs or Sacramento bureaucracy.

Why does CUSD need this tax measure?
For the past three years the state has paid CUSD 80 cents for every dollar owed to us; for the upcoming school year it will decrease that funding to 77 cents on the dollar. Additionally, CUSD will lose federal stimulus money for the first time in three years, and is declining in enrollment.




CalSTRS Reminders For
Potential Retirees

Now, there are two great reasons to contact your California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance Program today: 
WEBSITE:     http://schoolloungemakeover.com/cta

OR CALL (877)999-8927 TO COMPARE




Scholarship Opportunities for
CTA Members

CUEA Scholarships Now Available
Applications for graduating high school seniors of CUEA members are now available from the CUEA office.

The parent or guardian of the applicant must be a teacher, speech pathologist, nurse, psychologist or counselor employed in CUSD and a current member of CUEA.

The student must be a graduating senior with an overall GPA of 3.2 or better.

The student must be planning to attend college.

Applications are due Monday, March 12, 2012 of each year.

Application Fill-In Form (MS Word)
Application Fill-In Form (pdf)

Contact Julie Gallups the CUEA office by or phone at 949-900-2280 for more information.


CTA Scholarship for Members
Scholarship Amount : $3,000 for up to five members statewide
Eligibility: CTA members working on a credential, degree or graduate program
Requirements : CUEA/CTA membership
Deadline Postmark: February 3, 2012


CTA Scholarship for Dependent Children of CTA Members
Scholarship Amount:
$5,000 for up to twenty-five dependent children of members statewide
Eligibility: Graduating high school seniors; undergraduate or graduate students claimed as a dependent on members' IRS tax forms; dependent child or action, retired or deceased CTA member
Requirements : CUEA/CTA membership
Deadline: February 3, 2012


Del Weber Scholarship for Dependent Children Attending Continuation High School or Alternative Education Programs
Scholarship Amount: $5,000 for one dependent child of a member statewide
Eligibility: Graduating high school senior who is claimed as dependent status on members' IRS tax form; may be a dependent child of an active, retired-life or deceased member.
Requirements: Parent of dependent child must be a CUEA/CTA member
Deadline: February 3, 2012.


For any of these applications go to the CTA website at www.cta.org or contact Julie Gallups at the CUEA office by or phone at 949-900-2280.

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CalSTRS Reminders For
Potential Retirees

If you have called CalSTRS and left your name and phone number, DO NOT CALL AGAIN.  Due to the high volume of calls, they cannot return your phone call immediately, but they will get back to you! Additionally, DO NOT sign up for both an individual and a Group Counseling workshop – they are the same thing.  At the group workshop, you will receive a customized packet of information just as you would at the individual conference. Check out the CalSTRS website here  for information about telephone conferences.



Maternity Leave Informational Workshop

Monday, February 25
4:00-5:00 p.m.
at the CUEA Office

27422 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 100
Aliso Viejo 92656

An informational workshop for teachers
interested in learning more about
maternity sick-leave.

Please RSVP:

Click here for printed Flyer


CUEA Scholarship Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following high school seniors
for receiving a 2013 CUEA Scholarship:

2013 CUEA Scholarship Recipients
Rachel Heinsen, Aliso Niguel High
Christopher Healy, Capo Valley High
Michael Logan, Capo Valley High
Allyssa Hebbard, Crean Luthern High
Christina Debowski, Dana Hills High
Matthew Slade, Dana Hills High
Miranda Morgan, Dana Hills High
Nicholas Morgan, El Toro High
Kaylah Ramirez, Irvine High
Cory Kent, Laguna Beach High
Jillian Kirby, Mission Viejo High
Grant Townsend, San Clemente High
Logan Laubach, San Clemente High
Peter Bennett, San Clemente High
Seamus Corbett, San Clemente High
Shane Dewees, San Clemente High
Briana Baptiste, San Juan Hills High
Connor Devaney, San Juan Hills High
Dominic Gaeta, San Juan Hills High
Shannon Spiers, San Juan Hills High
Kierstyn Suda, Santa Margarita High
Bradley Justl, Tesoro High
Emily Jindra, Tesoro High
Ryan Alexander, Tesoro High
CUEA Member
Rebecca Heinsen
Jerome Healy
Traci Logan
Kristi Hebbard
Carol Slade
Lynne Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan
Teresa Acero-Ramirez
Diane Kent
Neal Kirby
Norm Townsend
Lynelle Laubach
Kati Bennett
Jim & Kate Corbett
Julia Dewees
Natalie Baptiste
Brian & Suzanne Devaney
Suzanne Oblea
Robert & Sharon Spiers
Shari Suda
Robyn Justl
Kimberly Jindra
Ted Alexander



High School Late Start Days

When putting together the Late Start schedule for the high school 2013/14 school year, it is important that teachers and administration follow the CUEA/CUSD Contract. Article 5.8.3 states that "Late Start days at the high school level shall be scheduled with the input and approval of the staff. The frequency, duration, and usage for Late Start days shall be voted on by a secret ballot by a majority of the staff members at each respective school. And Article 5.8.4 states that "Faculty meetings shall be no longer than one hour in length and conducted no more than once a month. Faculty meetings for the month will occur on an ACE/Late Start day.

This means that teachers must be involved in deciding not only how many Late Start days will be scheduled, but how those days will be used as well. Besides the faculty meeting, other choices Late Start days may include the following: department meeting; staff development; collaboration meetings; independent planning time; and meetings dedicated to the WASC process. For reference, high school teachers may want to refer to Article 5.8.2 which describes the rotation for ACE days (late start) at the middle school: one staff meeting a month, two grade level or department level or staff development days per month; and one "teacher preparation day per month.

With school closing a week earlier than usual, CUEA suggests that the secret ballot voting be completed prior to the Memorial Day holiday.

Sub Coverage Pay For All Teachers

District office has been releasing teachers for the past few months to attend trainings and meetings which has resulted in a shortage of subs for teachers who are absent on any given day. This means that teachers are being asked to cover each other classes during the school day.

As per Article 5.13 of the CUEA/CUSD Contract, all teachers, elementary and secondary, music and special ed teachers, get paid $35 an hour to cover a colleagues class if the substitute does not show up, or for as long as it takes for the sub to arrive if the instructional day has already started. Additionally, if students from the absent teacher are sent to other teachers classrooms, those teachers also receive $35 an hour as well.

This contract provision is not new, so if you have been covering classes anytime this year, or taking students from another class, without getting paid, notify your principal immediately so the proper paperwork can be completed - this includes RSP teachers.

Report Card Comments

It has been agreed by both the district and CUEA that elementary teachers are responsible for their own comments on report cards. Therefore, principals should not be asking teachers to submit comments for review, prior to sending to parents. However, principals may access report cards at anytime anyway.

Additionally, teachers need to remember that because the Standards Based Report Card is so specific to each standard, teachers should not need to make many additional comments unless a grade needs to be documented.

Contract Close Up: Elementary ACE Calendars

New Elementary ACE Calendars are now available to principals and leadership teams.  The newly revised Elementary ACE Calendars include a "tracking chart which allows a school to count up the number of  Independent Planning Days; Non-ACE days (like parent conferences); and the combined number of staff/grade level/staff development days per year.

The number of ACE days vary this year dependent upon the day of the week. Schools with Tuesday ACE have 33 ACE days for the 2011/12 school year and should reflect a 16/17 split between Independent Planning and staff/grade level/staff development.  Schools on Wednesday and Thursday ACE have at total of 35 ACE days and should reflect a 17/18 split between Independent Planning and staff/grade level/staff development days.  Since the number of ACE days is uneven, the split should reverse every other year

Personal Necessity Days
Did You Know There Are 10?

One of the major contract changes effective in 2012-13 is the addition of 3 more Personal Necessity days ("PN Days"), for a total of 10 days. This means all ten (10) of your allotted sick days per year can be used for personal necessity reasons. Keep in mind, you still must tell your principal in advance of the need to take a Personal Necessity day. Also, see the line item below about "No-Tell" days.

Five "No-Tell" Personal
Necessity Days

New contract language was  adopted last spring allowing for three (5) "No Tell" days. Refer to Article 10.3.3 in the CUEA/CUSD Contract now online at the CUEA website. There is no restriction  as to when those days may taken. Keep in mind that these 5 days are part of the 10 PN days allowed per year as enumerated in Article 10.3.

What To Do About Jury Duty

If you are called for jury duty, you have the option to either serve when called, or postpone your service to a non-working day during winter or spring break or the summer vacation months.

If you choose to postpone and serve on your "own time," the district will pay you the same amount they would have paid a regular subsitute. In order to receive the substitute pay, you must submit a copy of the original summons, the notification of postponement of service, and the dated proof of jury service.

If you decide to serve your duty during the school year, the district pays for your sub and the days on jury duty are not counted against your sick leave.


Contract CloseUp App For Android

The CUEA Contract CloseUp App for Android operated smartphones is now available through the Google Play Store. The app is a free download and intended to answer typical contract questions from members of CUEA. Go to Google Play and search "CUEA Contract".

Download the app to your Android phone now!

CUEA App Homepage

Choose the area of questions at the top of the screen, then scroll up and down to find a question that you are concerned about. Touch the screen and the answer will pop up on a second screen.

Download the app to your Android phone now!

CUEA App Answer Page

Download the app to your Android phone now!

IPhone Users - app is in production and not available at this time.